Improve Productivity

If you want to improve productivity, one of the best things you can do is have a clear focus. By this, what I mean is know exactly what the end result is. If you don't know what the outcome of doing the things that you do, then you'll be running in circles for the rest of your life.

Too many times, people will start their day with a list of things they need to do. This is a great way to increase productivity, however, if the list of things you need to do have little or nothing to do with your main outcome, then it's pointless. If there is no purpose in doing them, why do them?

Why do we even bother doing things in the first place? Is it not because there is a goal that we are trying to achieve? Without a goal, a purpose, then what is the point of even trying to increase productivity? There really isn't one if you think about it.

So since you have a goal you want to achieve in the quickest most efficient time possible, then it is imperative that you always have things on your list of things to do everyday that brings you closer to achieving your goal. If you have anything on there that doesn't contribute to the obtainment of your goal, then just cross it off the list.

When it comes down to wanting to improve productivity, you have to make a decision about what is really important to you. There will have to be some sacrifices. If the goal that you are going for is important to you, but you really like watching reality shows for example, then you have to make a decision to stop watching them or at least reduce the amount of time you waste. By knowing what is important and what is not, and deciding to cut off what is not, your productivity will increase.

There are many ways to improve productivity, and I will list a bunch of them out in a later post, but the biggest one is simply knowing what the end result you are trying to get is. This may seem obvious but believe it or not, most people still don't know exactly what they want.

Once you figure that out, your focus will become like a laser instead of dissipated. Things that don't bring you closer to your goal can easily be eliminated, and as a result, you will dramatically improve productivity.

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